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North Cariboo Society is a non-profit formed as a sister organization to
 the North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association (dba FARMED).

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Growing North Cariboo and P4HC:NC Projects

The Growing North Cariboo Society has worked with the Northern Health Authority and Cariboo Regional District to establish the Partnering for Healthier Communities Committee of the North Cariboo (P4HC-NC).

The Partnering for Healthier Communities: North Cariboo (P4HC:NC) is a stakeholder group composed of people representing a wide range of groups, organizations and agencies from across the North Cariboo (Nazko to Wells / Strathnaver to McLeese Lake). It’s establishment in 2014 was led by Growing North Cariboo Society and is co-chaired by a representative of the Cariboo Regional District and Northern Health.

The intent of this committee is to identify issues that are related to community health with a focus on food security, access to local, fresh healthy food and how these fit into healthy communities and sustainable community development.

In the spring of 2016 the North Cariboo P4HC Committee initiated the “Empowering Family Health” project.

The Empowering Family Health project has multiple linked components focused on food production and preservation.
These components include:

Information Sheet-North Cariboo P4HC

North Cariboo P4HC Information Sheet

Terms of Reference-North Cariboo Healthier Communities Committee
News Releases
Minutes of North Cariboo Partnering for Healthier Communities Committee
Minutes of Empowering Family Health Steering Committee