Welcome to the Growing North Cariboo Society webpage. The Growing
North Cariboo Society is a non-profit formed as a sister organization to
the North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association (dba FARMED).

The goals of Growing North Cariboo Society are to:

  • Create, foster and support a future in the North Cariboo where our foundation is built on health and well-being, the environment, and the economy and our social fabric is resilient, inclusive and vibrant;
  • Support identified social, environmental, economical and health benefits of having local produced products available;
  • Be innovative with a focus on community engagement, education and community building;
  • Promote and connect rural and urban lifestyles throughout the North Cariboo; and
  •  Partner with other groups and agencies on projects that meet the identified needs of our membership and the community as a whole, to provide opportunities focused on education celebration, and promotion

Board of Directors


  • Heloise Dixon-Warren, Chair
  • Lynda Atkinson, Vice-Chair
  • Lori Fogarty, Secretary-Treasurer


  • Wylie Bystedt


Growing North Cariboo Society is a non-profit society formed in January 2014 as a sister organization to the North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association (dba FARMED).

The Growing North Cariboo Society is bringing people together from different areas, agencies, and sectors across the North Cariboo region to discuss and identify barriers to health with a focus on food security. Since much of the North Cariboo is not “food secure” a focus of the discussions will be on how we can build capacity, the benefits of having access to local food in having sustainable, healthy and viable communities, and how to improve the linkages between rural and urban settings.

GNC Bylaws:

GNC is operating in accordance with the new BC Societies Act. The GNC bylaws may be reviewed by clicking this link:

GNC Bylaws



The links below will provide more information on the P4HC – NC Committee and this project.
To learn more about the Empowering Family Health project go to this website:
empoweringfamilyhealth.blogspot.ca or email  empoweringfamilyhealth@gmail.com

For reaching out to the committee members, kindly utilize the following contact details:
Email: GNC@farmed.ca
Phone: 250-249-5329.