Board of Directors


  • Lynda Atkinson, Chair
  • Heloise Dixon-Warren,  Vice-Chair
  • Lori Fogarty, Secretary-Treasurer


  • Paula Roballo-Corallo
Assets and Awards
  • Owner and developer of the “North Cariboo Farm Country – Grown for You” Brand
  • Trademark “Grown for You”
  • 6X12 Foot TNT Transit Cargo Trailer
  • Tables, tents and banners for display booths
  • Recipient of the 2008 Tourist Excellence Award at the Quesnel Chamber of Commerce Business Awards
  • Nominated for the 2012 Tourism Excellence Award – Quesnel Chamber of Commerce Business Awards


10018.jpgThe North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association was established in May 2006 to work towards the creation of a North Cariboo Farm Tour Brochure that resembled the Farm Circle Tour Brochures (www.circlefarmtour.com) in the lower Fraser Valley. The organization chose FARMED as its acronym with each letter defining a characteristic of the organization (F = Farming; A = Agriculture; R = Rural; M = Marketing; E = Eco; D = Diversification). The founding members of the group were three local agri-business owners/operators and very quickly, the need for a regionally based agriculture, cooperative marketing association was recognized. In May 2007, FARMED became registered as a not-for-profit Society in British Columbia. Since the completion of the North Cariboo Farm Tour Brochure, FARMED has taken on, and completed, many successful projects. 


FARMED is governed by the British Columbia Societies Act. It has an Executive comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer with a Board of Directors. The organization typically meets quarterly for networking and to update its members on opportunities. To this date, the group has remained grassroots, industry-leading, progressive, fiscally responsible, and believes in the success of partnerships and working together to achieve goals.

FARMED is an exciting and rewarding organization to be involved with.

FARMED membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the goals of the organization; however, our geographic focus is the North Cariboo region, from Nazko in the west to Barkerville in the east, McLeese Lake in the south to Strathnaver in the north.

For additional information on FARMED, and/or membership, please email info@farmed.ca or check out our Membership Page.





North Cariboo Agriculture Awareness and Marketing Project

The North Cariboo Agriculture Awareness and Marketing project will provide a vehicle to aid regional agri- businesses.
The project is divided into the following components:

Brand – The development of a logo and tagline specific to North Cariboo agriculture for identifying products. Working in partnership with Quesnel Community Economic Development Corporation a variety of marketing tools have been developed to raise awareness of the North Cariboo Farm Country – Grown for You brand. This marketing project includes the display of a mural, a membership drive, promotion of the brand at the Quesnel Farmers’ Market and various events and the creation of street banners to be displayed every summer.

Highway Billboard Signage – Two-16’ x 12’ permanent signs situated adjacent to Highway 97. Text on the signs e.g. “Welcome to North Cariboo; pictures of farm products representative of the North Cariboo; North Cariboo “brand”; Website link; sponsorship logos.

North Cariboo Farm Products Map – Highlighting the farms, products, services, and experiences available in the North Cariboo. Includes a product index, producer contact information, and point of sale.

Kiosk – In LeBourdais Park near the Quesnel Visitor Centre displaying the North Cariboo Farm Products Map, an Agriculture Display, and sponsor logos.

Junior Farmer Program – Launched at the Quesnel Farmer’s Market on June 4th, 2011 to encourage young people to farm and produce local food.

  •  Children learn to grow vegetables in containers over the summer recording results in their journal
  •  Aids in creating healthy sustainable communities
  •  Addresses food security issues – food production in urban areas
  •  Incorporated into the Imagination Park program at the Quesnel & District Recreation Centre in 2012

Sustainability and Capacity Development – The objective is to build capacity within both the local agriculture sector and all levels of government so that local agriculture is both supported and thrives. It includes:

  •  Industry
  •  Grassroots initiatives & organizations
  •  Government
  •  Educational institutions
FARMED has been the lead proponent in organizing:
  • The Root Cellar Tour in May 2013
  • Agriculture Stakeholder Meetings in February and October of 2011
  • Conferences: Ag & Hort Leap 2011, 2012 and 2014
  • Workshops: Social Media, Geocaching, Website, Seed Collection & Storage, etc.
  • Marketing Products – Other initiatives include:
  • FARMED website update – www.farmed.ca
  • Farmer Appreciation Week
  • Agritourism Circle Tour
  • North Cariboo Farm Tour Brochure
Project Funding Partners
  • Community Futures – North Cariboo
  • Rotary Club of Quesnel
  • Northern Development Initiative Trust
  • Cariboo Regional District
  • Continuing Education – Quesnel
  • Northern Health – HEAL
  • Quesnel Community Foundation
  • Quesnel Lions Club
  • Spectra Energy-Helping Hands in Action
  • Quesnel Farmer’s Market (HARVEST)

Sponsored by the North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association