Echo’s Reach

5700 Aron Road, Baker Creek, BC V2J 3H9

By appointment only, no pets allowed on farm.

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Echo’s Reach

Certified organic, pork, chicken layers, chicken broilers

Our farm humanely raises Berkshire/Landrace/Duroc pigs, born on the farm with room to grow and thrive! We use our Farm gate Plus license to reduce the stress for our animal's "one bad day". Our pork cuts are vacuum sealed for longevity and so you can see what you are purchasing. All curing is done with celery extract powder and there are no fillers in our 8 types of sausage, just pork and spices. We choose to be Certified Organic so you can be assured that our animals are well taken care of and get feed free of toxic substances. We eat what we grow and want to share that awesome food with you!