FARMED Agriculture Related Member Directory

Agriculture Related Directory :

ABC Poultry Processing

Located at: 3943 Highway 97N , Williams Lake, BC, V2G 5A3

Phone: 250.267.9350


Poultry Processing

Alex Fraser Park

Alex Fraser Park Society

Located at: 102 North Star Rd, Quesnel, BC, V2J 3J4

Phone: 250.249.5153




The promotion of agricultural aspects of the community; This includes Agri-Tourism, Agri-Forestry, Education and Entertainment of Livestock and Equine Events. Please check our Calendar, News, Clubs & Groups, Directors, Booking Info and/or Contact Us Pages for further information. Alex Fraser Park Society is interested in your Event – 12 months of the year – we are only limited by our imagination as to what can take place at this park – approach us with your ideas!

Bouchie Lake Country Store

Located at: 2338 Bonny Rd, Quesnel, BC, V2J 7G6




A Destination Store for Farm and Pet Feeds, Equine Provisions, Farm, Veterinary, & Gardening Supplies, Local Arts, Crafts and Comestibles, and Locally Produced Preserves and other Food. Distributor for Otter Co-op, West Coast Seeds, Moose Meadows Farm and many other local farms and producers. Proud supporter of the FARMED “Members Save Program”. Located at the top of “Six Mile Hill” 10 km. west of Quesnel – “Come out to the Country”

Fogarty Woodlands

Located at: 4059 Aird Rd, Quesnel, BC V2J 6V8

Phone: 250.992.7924


Fogarty Woodlands is an agri-forestry operation located 7 km northeast of downtown Quesnel, producing timber and a variety of wild berries on a quarter section of land. Silviculture activities include surveys, planting and brushing with treatments to improve growth and value of immature forests including conifer release, spacing, thinning, pruning. Managing for non-timber resources includes esthetics, recreation, range, wildlife and non-timber products.

Kirby Hill Farm – Christine Piltz

Located at: 5266 Clouston Rd, Quesnel, BC V2J 6X9

Phone: 250.991.0327


At this time the owner of Kirby Hill Farm is looking for a farmer or farmers to utilize the property. Please contact Christine Piltz is you are intersted in obtaining more information.

Walk’in Acres

Located at: 1020 Wiersma Rd, Quesnel, BC V2J 6C6

Phone: 250.747.2757


West Central Pipe

Located at: 135 Keis Rd, Quesnel, BC V2J 3S1

Phone: 250.992.9205



West Central Pipe is a plumbing, heating and well supply store. We stock pumps, filters, piping, walves and everything in between including boilers and heating equipment. Open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.